What’s The Best Size Trampoline For 3 Kids

Trampolines do not come in one particular size and configuration. But, they are several types of trampolines having different size and shape. Earlier, trampolines were used for organizing events and competitions. They were used by players in different types of sports. But now, they are used in parks and even houses. In homes, they are particularly used for availing fun and enjoyment. Kids love to have fun and perform recreation activities. Therefore, specific types of trampolines are being developed for kids. But, here also there are vast options. It is essential to select trampolines that suit the size and weight of kids. In this article, I have shared some qualities that can help you in selecting right size trampolines for your kids:

Trampoline For 3 Kids

1. Shape – Firstly, you need to look at the size of trampolines. You must look at length, width and other dimensions of trampolines. You should select the trampolines that fit into your garden. Trampoline’s size also affects the number of jumpers. You must consider the jumpers who will perform activities on trampolines. Most trampolines withstand only one jumper at the particular time. If you only want trampolines particularly for your kids, you should go for 3 size trampolines. Well, if you select trampolines that do not hold the weight of several persons at a time, you can observe injuries and accidents.

2. Weight – Before purchasing trampolines, you need to know how many persons will jump or play at the same time. If this is the condition, you need to get the trampoline that has the specific power to withstand the overall weight. Trampolines with lesser weight handling capacity certainly cause problems. Stress or pressure can occur on the mat, springs, and other components. Obviously, the trampoline can get damaged when placed under very high pressure. In addition to problems in trampolines, you can also make your kid prone to accidents and injuries. Therefore, you need to select trampolines that are powerful or stronger. For knowing the weight limit, you can ask from sellers or try experiments on trampolines. Kidwise Magic Circle 16-foot octagon trampoline is one of the best trampolines for kids. This stronger trampoline arrives with 450 pounds of weight limit and can easily accommodate 3 small kids having 150 pounds each.

3. Shape – Yes, trampolines also come in many shapes. Round and rectangle are the 2 basic shapes in which trampolines arrive in the marketplace. Kids like trampolines having different shapes and designs. You should select the specific shape trampoline liked by your child. Trampolines of different shapes are mostly recommended for home use. If you are new, you should select the Skywalker 15×9ft Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure. This trampoline is pretty large and withstands 250 pounds weight

4. Durability or Reliability – Last is the capability of providing decent performance for longer periods. Better quality frames, springs, rods, mats and other components make trampolines durable or reliable. Steel and aluminum material help in withstanding high pressure or stress. The trampolines that offer very high reliability are called heavy duty trampolines. These trampolines contain a durable mesh that helps in holding a tremendous amount of force.

Two Popular Trampolines for 3 kids

If you don’t know which trampolines to purchase for your kid, you should go for

  1. Zupapa 15 ft Trampoline – that has the weight limit of 380 pounds. This trampoline also allows multiple jumpers of different ages
  2. Super Jumper Combo 16-ft Round Trampoline – that has a weight limit of 335 pounds. This trampoline easily accommodates 3 kids having aged in the range of 3-7.


You need to consider several factors while purchasing definite size trampolines for your kids. Firstly, you should check whether trampolines have specific dimensions that can be easily fit into your house. Next, you need to see the weight holding capacity that specifies how many kids can perform activities at the same time. Next, you should observe the shape that is liked by your trampoline. Last, you should check for better quality components that allow the best type of performance for longer periods.  Super Jumper Combo 16-ft Round Trampoline, Skywalker 15×9ft Rectangle Trampoline and Kidwise Magic Circle 16-foot octagon trampoline are some options for your kids. Read these essential tips and purchase the best size trampolines for your 3 kids.

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