What I do And Why

We meet at last. I hope you guys are doing great and living the lives you imagined you would be when you were little. It’s funny how the world makes us forget our dreams and aspirations and we end up settling for a lot less than we had expected. Growing up I always wanted to be a Fire fighter. I still remember how I would run around the neighbourhood with a little hose and cap putting out imaginary fires in all the homes down the street. I felt this calling to protect and serve and even though I was just a kid deep down I was ready to do what it took.

Somewhere along the line, however, that calling took a back seat and I got preoccupied with school, college and the business of life. It wasn’t until after I got my degree in Management that I sat down and gave my career a serious thought. Regardless of what my parents and even peers suggested, I decided to follow my gut and serve people and the city by becoming a Fire fighter. Fast forward 5 years, and I’m loving my job and my life. I wake up and I get to do what I love and serve and help people through my job. Recently I also opened a gym with my partner and long time friend, so life couldn’t be any sweeter.

Years of Fire man training, and fitness have helped me gather a ton of knowledge in many areas of fitness and strength training. So I decided to share that knowledge through this blog and maybe even inspire those of you who feel that calling to serve, protect and help through whatever path you choose. I would love to hear form you guys and answer any and all your questions about fitness or a career that you’re hesitant to choose but feel is the right way to go.


Mathias Ludvigsen