The Top 7 Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is a low impact type of exercise which provides immense health benefits. Cycling is becoming more and more popular every day and has now become like the third most popular recreational activity in the UK. Anyone, a toddler, a pensioner or the people with disabilities can enjoy cycling if he has the right equipment. There are the different type of cycles that have been designed for people of all age, sexes, heights, and weights. The top Health benefits of cycling include losing weight, reduce stress, making the attractive body shape and getting a great fun in the environment.


Health Benefits of Cycling

  1. Cycling Is A Very Easy Exercise – One of the easiest way to exercise is cycling. There is no skill or technique required for riding a cycle. Any person can ride a cycle almost anywhere and at any time of the year. Whether he or she is a child, an adult or old aged, can ride a cycle continuously for several hours.  The only thing that is required for cycling is a bike that suits you and your bit of confidence.
  2. Cycling Improves Functioning Of Respiratory System – As cycling is an aerobic exercise, so it involves usage of oxygen. The oxygen used in cycling helps in increasing the heart rate. As a result, the heart pumps faster and produces more energy. The more energy produced is given to the lungs and other respiratory organs. Thus, we get a very efficient functioning of the complete respiratory system.
  3. Cycling Builds Stamina And Muscles Strength – A person can quickly establish a good stamina by simply riding a cycle. Due to the involvement of all the body parts in cycling, one can build muscles strength in a comprehensive manner. The upper muscles, the core muscles and also the lower muscles of the body achieve a great level of strength from constant cycling. Cycling is a very active exercise, so it delivers result very rapidly.
  4. Cycling burns calories – Cycling burns approximately 310 calories per hour which mean if you cycle for 30 minutes every day you would burn 11 pounds of fat in a year. By burning more calories, you can lose more weight every day. Also, some cycles require more strength for riding them, so the extra power needed in these cycles helps in burning extra calories and losing extra weight.
  5. Cycling Strengthens The Immune System And Improves Mental Health– Riding a cycle helps in making your immune system stronger, and so cells fight against germs more effectively. By efficient performance of cells, there is a lower risk of certain kind of cancers and other cardiovascular diseases. Also, a person develops an improved mental strength by riding bike consistently for longer periods.
  6. Cycling Reduce Stress – As cycling is an activity done outside in clean environment, a person can attain a different kind of refreshment in him. Some Doctors have concluded that regular cycling helps in reducing a large amount of stress accumulated from daily workload and other life problems. Also, cycling is a recreational activity that can help in the large fun for anyone.
  7. Cycling Provides an Attractive Body Shape – Riding a cycle results in great toning of legs, the quads, the hamstrings and the core muscles. Also, cycling regularly helps in strengthening legs and thighs. Thus, entire body muscles receive complete cardiovascular workout, and so a person gets an incredible physical shape of his body which can impress anyone.

Other Benefits

  1. A cycle is an ideal machine for beginners. So a person who is not accustomed of exercising and wants to start exercise can use it and start exercising.
  2.  There are different types of cycles available in the market having different costs so a person with low budget can buy a cycle and do exercise.
  3. Riding a cycle helps in achieving better blood circulation, a reduction in the blood pressure and prevention of the heart attack.


In Summary, Cycling is an ideal exercise for giving excellent cardio workouts. It is very safe and convenient to use. It is less costly, very easy to learn and provides an immense number of health benefits. Thus, if you want a good physical body shape and an excellent fitness level, you should buy a bike and start riding it for longer periods.

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